pinhole camera

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camera, pinhole 

A camera in which the lens is replaced by a pinhole (e.g. the camera obscura).
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Now that you have the pinhole camera ready to go, you'll need a sheet of photographic paper.
The result is a memorable immersive experience that recreates the function of a pinhole camera to create a camera obscura effect.
Here the Paris-based artist has taken his pinhole camera to the French capital's financial district.
On July 8 of 2006, a panoramic image of a retired Marine Corps Air Station in Southern California was made using a gigantic jet hangar as a pinhole camera. It was the largest camera obscura ever employed.
He created a pinhole camera by placing aluminum foil over a tiny hole one fifth of a millimetre wide on the film cartridge.
A pinhole camera in the bridge of the glasses takes a picture of the frame's line of vision.
Bergeman, a longtime photographer, built a pinhole camera out of a cardboard box in the summer of 2009.
They also installed a miniature pinhole camera over the ATM's keypad to record people's Pin as they typed it in.
Another inventor is the tenth century optician and physicist Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham, simply known as al-Haytham, who invented the pinhole camera and discovered how the eye works.
In a photographic world dominated by the digital, a few artists continue to explore the perceptual and cognitive consequences of older technologies: Barbara Ess, for instance, works with the pinhole camera, and Abelardo Morell the camera obscura.