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The fruit of Ananas sativa or Bromelia ananas (family Bromeliaceae); it contains a proteolytic and milk-clotting enzyme, bromelain.


Herbal medicine
A tropical plant, the “fruit”—a complex flowering head that forms around the stem—of which is anti-inflammatory, thrombolytic and a digestive tonic; its most active principle is bromelain, an enzyme used commercially as a natural meat tenderiser.


n Latin name:
Ananas comosus; part used: fruit; uses: antifungal, antiinflammatory, obesity, constipation, wounds, source for the enzyme complex-bromelain, known to act as a platelet aggregation inhibitor; precautions: avoid therapeutic use in pregnancy, lactation, or for children, ACE inhibitor medications, anticoagulants. Also called
ananas, golden rocket, or
smooth cayenne. See also bromelain.
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