pine-needle oil

pine-·nee·dle oil

a volatile oil distilled with steam from the fresh leaf of Pinus mugo; has been used by inhalation and spray in catarrhal affections of the air passages, and locally in rheumatism; also used as a flavoring and in perfumery.
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Eucalyptus oil for example, possesses antibacterial properties, enhances expectoration and facilitates mucus secretion (Kommission E, 1990a), while pine-needle oil owns an antiseptic effect and enhances secretion expectoration (Kommission E, 1990b), and menthol exhibits an antimicrobial and antioxidant effect (Mimica-Dukic et al.
For the amplification of experience regarding the tolerability of a formulation containing eucalyptus oil, pine-needle oil and menthol (Pinimenthol[R] ointment), in patients ([greater than or equal to] 12 years) suffering from upper respiratory tract infections, a post-marketing observational study was performed.
In the present observational study dealing with the tolerability of Pinimenthol[R] ointment, a herbal medicinal product containing eucalyptus oil, pine-needle oil, and menthol as active ingredients, only 1.