pine oil

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pine oil

the volatile oil from the wood of Pinus palustris and other species of Pinus; used as a deodorant and disinfectant.


1. unthriftiness of calves due to nutritional deficiency of copper. There is a stiff gait, painful joints, graying of the haircoat and diarrhea in some. May also be used to describe the unthriftiness caused by nutritional deficiency of cobalt.
2. a tree; see pinus.
3. many other trees are also called pine incorrectly, e.g. 'cypress pine'.

pine needle abortion
see pine needle abortion.
pine lupine
pine oil
an extract from pine trees which is used as an astringent, antiseptic, antitussive and in cattle as an antifoaming agent to treat bloat.
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The aim of this study is to determine the possible positive effects of pine oil on the GSH, MDA, lipid soluble vitamin contents, total protein and fatty acid composition (saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acid level) brain tissue of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
If distilled pine oil were added to palm oil to make biodiesel, this would cut transport costs and calm green activists' argument against the tropical-sourced raw material causing jungle erosion and harming biodiversity.
This is contrary to a typical coal flotation process where pine oil is a very popular frother.
The name toxaphene refers to a group of turpentine-smelling chemicals made from pine oil and chlorine.
Before tackling the specific nature of household cleaning products that contain pine oil, it should be pointed out that many all-purpose cleaners contain chemicals that by themselves are not carcinogenic, but may form carcinogens in combination with other substances.
These include pine oil, benzene, toluene, xylene, turpentine, and limonene.
Plasticizers such as terpenes and pine oil are very compatible with natural rubber and SBR.
Pitchwood, Stumpwood, or Fatwood: The high pitch content found in the stumps of many trees is processed into terpenes, pine oil, and rosin.
Tenders are invited for Pine Oil To Is 5757/1992 2Nd Revision
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