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Pimenta officinalis; the dried fruit is used as a carminative and flavoring agent; of purported value as a topical anesthetic.
Synonym(s): Jamaica pepper.


n Latin names:
Pimento officinalis, Eugenia pimenta; parts used: berries (dried, unripened), fruit (powdered); uses: gas, muscle aches, indigestion, toothaches; precautions: pregnancy; lactation; children; patients with colon disease, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis. Also called
clove pepper, Jamaica pepper, or
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The thick-walled types make excellent pimento and are delicious smoked.
But for the home cook just in need of a comforting family meal, grilled pimento cheese sandwiches can be an easy finish to the most difficult day.
Yield: 1 cup of pimento cheese spread for 4 sandwiches
The other two dishes - seared cod with pimento sauce and herb mash, and chicken tikka with naan bread - are equally trendy and stylish.
SOLUTION 2:Seared cod, pimento sauce and herb mashCOD is such an under-rated fish.
When she wrote about Mediterranean cookery in 1949, it all seemed impossibly exotic - garlic, olive oil, aubergines, rice, pimentos and such, which are now commonplace in any supermarket store, were then but an idle dream.
Velveeta or any inexpensive cheese you have, sweet pickles, pimentos, and hard boiled eggs are all you need.
Alternate the cheese with the pickles, eggs and pimentos.
The folk and pop singer-songwriter originally performed in the band Pimentos for Gus, based in Minneapolis.
Ingredients: A little vegetable or olive oil for griddling; 6 long thin red pimento peppers, halved lengthways and deseeded; 175g/6oz ricotta cheese; small bunch of fresh thyme; juice of half lemon; a few fresh basil leaves; salt and freshly ground black pepper.