(pī'lō-mā'trik-sō'mă), [MIM*132600]
A benign solitary hair follicle tumor, often starting in childhood, containing cells resembling basal cell carcinoma and areas of epithelial necrosis forming eosinophilic ghost cells with variable calcification and foreign body giant cell reaction in the fibrous stroma.
[pilo- + matrix + G. -oma, tumor]
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A benign solitary hair follicle tumor containing cells resembling basal cell carcinoma and areas of epithelial necrosis.
Synonym(s): Malherbe calcifying epithelioma.
[pilo- + matrix + G. -oma, tumor]
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Albert, French physician, 1845-1915.
Malherbe calcifying epithelioma - a benign solitary hair follicle tumor. Synonym(s): Malherbe-Chenantais epithelioma; pilomatrixoma
Malherbe-Chenantais epithelioma - Synonym(s): Malherbe calcifying epithelioma
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Pilomatricoma (also spelled "pilomatrixoma") is a benign tumor that clinically presents as a firm nodule, most often on the face (although they can arise on the trunk and extremities as well).
Pilomatricoma (formerly known as pilomatrixoma or calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe) is a benign calcifying tumor arising from the hair matrices with the cheek and preauricular regions being the most frequently affected sites.
Pilomatrixoma (19.13%) was the most common tumor encountered in the study followed by pilar cyst (14.89%).
Pilomatrixoma is a benign tumour of the skin which originates from the cortex of hair follicles and is named as "calcifying epithelioma".
The pathology result was pilomatrixoma. There were no problems in the 2 years' follow-up of the patient [Figure 3].
First described by Malherbe in 1880 as a calcifying epithelioma, (1) the lesion would eventually be termed a pilomatricoma or pilomatrixoma. The tumor is uncommon and often does not present in a typical fashion, leading to a preoperative diagnosis less than 43% of the time.
INTRODUCTION: Pilomatrixoma or Pilomatricoma is a relatively uncommon benign tumor that originates from the matrix cells at the base of the hair.
Among the differential diagnosis are lipoma, lipoblastoma, fibromatosis, cystic hygroma and pilomatrixoma. Not many would ever think about fibrous hamartomas.
An unusual presentation of giant pilomatrixoma in an adult patient.
Pilomatrixoma is a rare benign skin tumor arising from hair follicle stem cells which is also known as calcifying epithelioma of Malharbe.
Pilomatrixoma is a rare, benign, calcified, adnexial soft tissue tumor of the eyelid which originates from the matrix of hair follicle.