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Medtalk A functional 'unit' used to assess the severity of orthopnea in Pts with CHF, which refers to the number of pillows a Pt needs to sleep comfortably. See Congestive heart failure.


A postsurgical cushion or support for a body part (e.g., the head, chest, hip, or knee). Therapeutic pillows are used as buttresses or wedges to relieve stress on parts of the body that have been operated on. Chest pillows are used after sternotomy to support the chest wall and limit pain from deep breathing or coughing. Pillows placed under or between the lower extremities are often used to maintain neutral or desired alignment of joints after joint replacement surgeries.

abductor pillow

A pillow or cushioned wedge placed between the legs of a patient to maintain proper positioning and prevent dislocation of the hip joint. It is used in patients with some congenital disorders of the hip, other conditions in which the patient is unduly prone to hip dislocation, and following surgeries (such as total hip replacement).

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Marie has designed special areas for special times with her clients' children: a giant circular window in a stairwell becomes a pillowy reading place; an alcove opposite the elevator is the spot for impromptu enactments of a fairy tale; and Marie has gained permission to display her children's artwork and other projects in a ground-floor lobby hallway.
Rock Hard cosmetics' Lethal Pump uses oligopeptide and botanical butter of wild mango to treat lips to a fuller more youthful pout - not the Pamela Anderson type, the more natural, pillowy one.
While he sometimes falls into pillowy design-speak, Shigematsu acknowledged that his mission includes a mix of architecture and community diplomacy.
Yukon Gold potato gnocchi ($15) is another signature appetizer at the Foundry, and the half-dozen pillowy gnocchi are divine.
A first sip of each reveals subtle similarities and contrasts between the infusions, refreshing flavors that pair equally well with a Watercress Salad laced with house-made duck prosciutto, roasted peaches and hazelnuts, as with pillowy Baked Goat Cheese served with a seasonal apricot compote and crostini.
Papageno's getup was adorned with a parrot's head, and Papagena wore a billowy, pillowy skirt and a country bumpkin's hat that she sheds before revealing herself as a sexy young thing.
Local dishes include dongpo pork (braised belly pork rolled in pillowy pancakes), tea-cooked shrimp and beggars' chicken.
The bagel, which had once been small, flavorful, dense, and crusty, was now precisely the opposite: huge, insipid, and pillowy soft.
On the western side of Iowa, the small town of Clarinda rests gently on the pillowy banks of the Nodaway River.
Anderson, a tall and pillowy woman of Jamaican descent, produces and directs Drag Kings, Sluts & Goddesses, a Boston-based theatre production run by lesbian/bi women of color.
Each fillet looks freshly baked and has a pillowy, puffy just-out-of-the-oven look.
As I sat there clutching my bruised ribcage (and pride), seated upon the pillowy paisley of my grandmother's silver-blue velveteen couch, there was no way of knowing the magnitude of the repetition .