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Medtalk A functional 'unit' used to assess the severity of orthopnea in Pts with CHF, which refers to the number of pillows a Pt needs to sleep comfortably. See Congestive heart failure.


A postsurgical cushion or support for a body part (e.g., the head, chest, hip, or knee). Therapeutic pillows are used as buttresses or wedges to relieve stress on parts of the body that have been operated on. Chest pillows are used after sternotomy to support the chest wall and limit pain from deep breathing or coughing. Pillows placed under or between the lower extremities are often used to maintain neutral or desired alignment of joints after joint replacement surgeries.

abductor pillow

A pillow or cushioned wedge placed between the legs of a patient to maintain proper positioning and prevent dislocation of the hip joint. It is used in patients with some congenital disorders of the hip, other conditions in which the patient is unduly prone to hip dislocation, and following surgeries (such as total hip replacement).

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Because of his demeanour I did not think it was appropriate to remove the pillowcase.
Since the kids were spending the night at the school in a huge sleepover event, I thought it would be perfect to provide Autograph Pillows so the 5th graders could collect signatures on the pillowcase from all of their friends and teachers.
The duvet cover and housewife pillowcase are decorated with large embroidered motifs and smaller floral patterns in a vibrant blue colour palette.
Daisy's bloody body was found in a pillowcase stuffed into a suitcase with some of her owner's belongings.
The group also makes pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, which has distributed tens of thousands of colorful, handmade pillowcases to chronically ill children around the country.
The collection includes a Quilt ($491/king, $442/queen), Duvet Cover ($439/king, $390/queen, $311/twin), Pillowcase Set ($118/king, $89/standard), Euro Sham Set ($123), and Accent Cushion Covers ($97).
We did send him a pillow, but also decided every new pillow needs a new pillowcase.
White Linea pillowcase pounds 7, Standard pillowcase pounds 15, cushion pounds 25, double duvet cover pounds 70, 'Opal' white bedspread pounds 120 all 'Crochet Circles' by Margaret Muir at House of Fraser.
For the First Communion recipient who has everything, there's the Comfy Cozy glow-in-the-dark guardian angel pillowcase (comfycozy.
On a chilly night in New Hampshire, the idea to create a head-warming pillowcase came to her, and the now-patented ``Chill Frill'' was born.