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Medtalk A functional 'unit' used to assess the severity of orthopnea in Pts with CHF, which refers to the number of pillows a Pt needs to sleep comfortably. See Congestive heart failure.


A postsurgical cushion or support for a body part (e.g., the head, chest, hip, or knee). Therapeutic pillows are used as buttresses or wedges to relieve stress on parts of the body that have been operated on. Chest pillows are used after sternotomy to support the chest wall and limit pain from deep breathing or coughing. Pillows placed under or between the lower extremities are often used to maintain neutral or desired alignment of joints after joint replacement surgeries.

abductor pillow

A pillow or cushioned wedge placed between the legs of a patient to maintain proper positioning and prevent dislocation of the hip joint. It is used in patients with some congenital disorders of the hip, other conditions in which the patient is unduly prone to hip dislocation, and following surgeries (such as total hip replacement).

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Ryan's Case for Smiles serves nearly 50,000 children and families each year and has delivered more than one million pillowcases to more than 330 children's hospitals.
As well as getting inside pillowcases and tearing them up, they build nests with sheets and the keepers even use the linen to play tug of war with the chimps.
Illuminage Beauty Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase With Copper Oxide, PS50 (harrods.
8220;A few years ago, I had a good friend diagnosed and gave her one of our toddler pillows with a pretty floral pillowcase to take to and from treatments.
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The single sheet measures 66 inches by 49 inches, and the pillowcase is roughly 30 inches square.
Featuring delicately drawn roses in a palette of fresh pinks, lilacs and greens resting on a spotty background, the duvet cover is edged with cord piping and together with the Oxford panel pillowcase have a spot print reverse.
Faulkingham, of Moorside Avenue, put the cat called Daisy in a pillowcase and swung her against a wall.
Priced pounds 12 for the pillowcase and pounds 16 for the duvet cover.
FOR several months I have been searching for floral patterned cotton or polyester sheets and pillowcases, but I have had no luck.
The group also makes pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, which has distributed tens of thousands of colorful, handmade pillowcases to chronically ill children around the country.