pillar cells

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pil·lar cells

cells forming the outer and inner walls of the tunnel in the spiral organ.


Marquis Alfonso, Italian anatomist, 1822-1888.
Corti arch - the arch formed by the junction of the heads of Corti inner and outer pillar cells.
Corti auditory teeth - tooth-shaped formations or ridges occurring on the vestibular lip of the limbus lamina spiralis of the cochlear duct. Synonym(s): auditory teeth
Corti canal - Synonym(s): Corti tunnel
Corti cells - sensory cells in the organ of Corti in synaptic contact with sensory as well as efferent fibers of the cochlear (auditory) nerve. Synonym(s): cochlear hair cells
Corti ganglion - an elongated ganglion of bipolar sensory nerve cell bodies on the cochlear part of the vestibulocochlear nerve in the spiral canal of the modiolus. Synonym(s): spiral ganglion of cochlea
Corti membrane - a gelatinous membrane that overlies the spiral organ (Corti) in the inner ear. Synonym(s): tectorial membrane of cochlear duct
Corti organ - a prominent ridge of highly specialized epithelium in the floor of the cochlear duct. Synonym(s): spiral organ
Corti pillars - cells forming the outer and inner walls of the tunnel in the organ of Corti. Synonym(s): Corti rods; pillar cells; pillar cells of Corti
Corti rods - Synonym(s): Corti pillars
Corti tunnel - the spiral canal in the organ of Corti, filled with fluid and occasionally crossed by nonmedullated nerve fibers. Synonym(s): Corti canal
pillar cells of Corti - Synonym(s): Corti pillars
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Various ultrastructural alterations appear in the pillar cells of the gill lamellae of M.
In the gill epithelium of Macrobrachium olfersii, the apical surface of the pillar cells is highly amplified by an extensive system of microvilli (type 2, see Cioffi, 1984).
olfersii attests to a dual role for the pillar cells in the regulatory physiology of the gill.
The notable reductions in the height and numerical density of the microvilli on the apical surface of the pillar cells, and in the thickness of the flanges, which occur as a result of acclimation to saline media in M.
These various data demonstrate the labile nature of the apical infoldings of the epithelial and pillar cells in the gill lamellae of osmoregulating crustaceans.