pili annulati

ringed hair

a rare condition in which the hair shows alternate pigmented and bright segments, the latter due to air cavities within the cortex.
Synonym(s): pili annulati
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A rare autosomal dominant [MIM 180600] developmental anomaly of the hair shaft with no known clinical significance, which is characterised by alternating bands of light and dark hair due to air cavities within the shafts
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Pili annulati is a rare hair shaft abnormality with a characteristic shiny appearance due to alternating light and dark bands of the hair shaft, and there is no study about the relationship between cystic fibrosis and pili annulati in the literature (3).
Pili annulati was an interesting finding, and we thought that these two conditions can be often seen together.
(27.) Price VH, Thomas RS, Jones FT: Pili annulati. Optical and electron microscopic studies.
A gene locus responsible for the familial hair shaft abnormality pili annulati maps to chromosome 12q24.32-24.33.
Pili Annulati: Bir Olgunun Isik ve Elektron Mikroskobik Bulgulari.
* Pili Annulati. This condition produces air-filled cavities in the hair shaft that may look white in bright light and be confused with nits.