pigmentary retinopathy

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ret·i·ni·tis pig·men·to·'sa (RP),

a progressive retinal degeneration characterized by bilateral nyctalopia, constricted visual fields, electroretinogram abnormalities, and pigmentary infiltration of the inner retinal layers; may be sporadic or demonstrate autosomal dominant [MIM*180100], autosomal recessive, or X-linked inheritance [MIM*268000, *312600, *312610].

pigmentary retinopathy

a disorder of the retina characterized by deposits of pigment and increasing loss of vision.

pig·men·tar·y re·ti·nop·a·thy

(pig'mĕn-tar-ē ret'i-nop'ă-thē)
Photoreceptor degeneration associated with pigmentary changes in the retina and choroid.
See also: retinitis pigmentosa
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10] There were also 2 cases of pigmentary retinopathy similar to retinitis pigmentosa.

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