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Electric currents generated by pressure on certain crystals, for example, quartz, mica, calcite.
[G. piezō, to press, squeeze, + electricity]


(pe-a'zo-e-lek-tris?i-te) [? + elektron, amber]
Production of an electric current by application of pressure to certain crystals such as mica, quartz, or Rochelle salt.
See: triboluminescence

piezoelectricity (pēˈ·ā·zō·ēˈ·lek·triˑ·si·tē),

n electrical current produced by mechanical pressure on connective tissue and other crystals like quartz, mica, and Rochelle salt.
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A significant increase of the surface energy of the powder and the piezoelectricity was found in the composites with the ceramic powder with bigger particle size.
2u] 1 1 1 Characters for 9 (3+[square (3+[square magnetoelectric root 5])/2 root 5])/2 polarizability Characters for 18 (1+[square (1+[square piezoelectricity root 5])/2 root 5])/2 [bar.
The result: a form of PVDF that displays the intriguing property of piezoelectricity (from the Greek word "piezein," meaning to press), first reported in crystals such as quartz and sodium chloride in the early 1880s by Pierre Curie and his brother Jacques.
Thus, stretching provides us a new method to generate the [gamma]-form structure of potential piezoelectricity and ferroelectricity.
Piezoelectricity is a well-known effect in which stretching or compressing a material causes it to generate an electrical voltage (or the reverse, in which an applied voltage causes it to expand or contract).
Key words: tactile sensors, piezoresistive materials, robotics, PVDF, piezoelectricity, object recognition
semiconductivity of proteins, piezoelectricity of tissue), while on the other hand he studied facts from the field of electronics, physics of semiconductors and cybernetics.
To quote Fukada, whom the others regard as a pioneer in the subject, "Stress-induced electricity in bone is caused by both piezoelectricity in collagen and streaming potential in microcanals in bone.
Part 1 Materials and design of ultrasonic transducers: Piezoelectricity and basic configurations for piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers
Piezoelectricity is the phenomenon whereby certain materials produce an electric charge when the material is under stress.
Piezoelectricity is the accumulation of a charge in a solid in response to mechanical stress.
Topics include: dielectricity, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, and ferroelectricity; a structural approach to thermodynamic study; ferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition thermodynamic modeling; formalism; electric characterization, piezoelectric resonators and filters; high overtone bulk acoustic resonators; electrostrictive resonators, and thin film piezoelectric transducers.