piezoelectric transducer

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pi·e·zo·e·lec·tric trans·duc·er

a transducer that converts electric into mechanical energy and the reverse, used in ultrasound diagnosis or therapy.
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After the initialization of the energy buffer, the experimental device was connected, and no energy was supplied from the piezoelectric transducer. The goal was to evaluate the maximum operation time for the experimental setup.
It is obvious that susceptibility of piezoelectric transducer to fracture will be lower if the calculated factor [K.sup.n] takes as low values as possible.
Droplets of 5 to 10 [micro]m diameter resulted using piezoelectric transducers operating at around 36 kHz to actuate arrays of 5 [micro]m diameter micromachined nozzles.
Once a round is fired for pressure measurement, the process starts with the burning of primer/ignition of propellant; hence burning of propellant generates gas pressure which is sensed by the piezoelectric transducer (Kistler 6203) as a charge signal.
This mechanism of system was carefully implemented using MATLAB-Simulink environment as observed in Figure 3; first a MATLAB scrip was written (provided in the Appendix) to replicate power generation of piezoelectric transducer as described in literature review and function of script is to take in
The stapes displacement in response to an acoustic stimulation in front of the eardrum was measured prior to the attachment of the piezoelectric transducer. The experimental setup was shown in Figure 4.
Another striking feature of this vehicle is the use of a piezoelectric transducer to convert vibrational energy into a charge that can be stored for further use.
The system is composed of a mass, a structure, a piezoelectric transducer attached to the structure, and a switchable inductive circuit.
In addition, the equivalent circuit of the piezoelectric transducer works as a low-pass filter which introduces a phase shift in its output.
Our unusual piezoelectric transducer source was developed at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) [now National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)] for use as an acoustic emission sensor (9).