piezoelectric transducer

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pi·e·zo·e·lec·tric trans·duc·er

a transducer that converts electric into mechanical energy and the reverse, used in ultrasound diagnosis or therapy.
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Thus using the feedback between the parameters of diagnostic system and the parameters of piezoelectric transducer oscillations there is possible to control the speed of USM at the impact of the external disturbances: temperature, wear, rheological changes of the surface etc.
The use of piezoelectric transducers on the other hand opens horizons for a new concept of flying the vehicle with the energy generated from the vehicle itself, i.
When the buoyancy and velocity capture principles both work on these particles, perceptible kinetic impact occurs on the piezoelectric transducer (400ET180) placed close to one of the two exhaust inlets of the range hood.
positive effect of superimposed high-frequency vibrations is intensified when higher vibration mode is excited in the tool at a larger driving frequency of the piezoelectric transducer.
The hybrid numerical-experimental investigation included the following tasks: (a) to investigate the vibrating piezoelectric transducer using time-average holographic interferometry; (b) to compose the numeric model of piezoelectric transducer and (c)--to investigate it by using eigenfrequency analysis.
Surface acoustic waves (SAWs) with GHz-frequencies and micrometre-size wavelength can be generated using piezoelectric transducers fabricated with standard integrated circuit technology.
Advances in energy harvesting using low profile piezoelectric transducers, Journal of Electroceramics 19(1): 167-184.
A sampling topics includes: current problems in design of quantum dots used in semiconductors, piezoelectric transducers, application of composite materials in modern construction, innovative construction of 3-component aerodynamic balance, and synthesis of the active cab suspension.
Piezoelectric transducers are used to convert electrical signals into acoustic signals and vice versa, allowing his system to form wireless electrical bridges across these barriers.
The piezoelectric transducers work on the principle of piezoelectric effect.