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Pertaining to piezoelectricity.
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"Piezoelectric Properties of Cement Based/PVDF/PZT Composites." Materials Letters 130: 146-149.
Anyone interested in discussing a piezoelectric solution for an underwater application, please visit CTS' stand A50 at Oceanology International in London, March 13-15.
Thus, to convert such wave energy into electric energy, this study proposes a new wave power generation system which derives the wave energy by the pressure applied to the front part by attaching the piezoelectric sensor device to the outside of the existing coastal structure.
On the other hand, two-phase piezoelectric-epoxy composites suffer from poor electrical, dielectric, and piezoelectric properties due to the insulating nature and low dielectric constant of the epoxy matrix, which decreases the polarization of the piezoelectric phase [52, 53].
For a long time, the piezoelectric effect was only known for crystals.
By acquiring Noliac, the company provides a more complete range of piezoelectric solutions to customers, while growing its European presence and further diversifying its end market profile.
A piezoelectric aluminum alloy smart frame structure is taken as an experimental model in this paper.
Two configurations of the piezoelectric device, including the piezoelectric element embedded between the NES mass and the structure or ground, are studied through similar methods.
The Piezoelectric Devices Market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to the benefits that the piezoelectric devices offer as they induce larger electric voltages than conventional ceramic materials.
Vesper, developer of the world's most advanced acoustic sensors, today introduced the VM3000, the latest piezoelectric MEMS microphone in its product line, the company said.
After the manufacturing step of polymer foams, gas ionization is an important step in the implementation of the piezoelectric effect.