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No longer can Outnumbered rely on the innocent yet piercingly astute probing of Karen's steel trap mind, or Ben's excursions into wild fantasy.
Sweet Baboo, The i Stage and the Lost in the Woods Stage, Saturday Originally from North Wales but now based in Cardiff, Sweet Baboo flits from darkly funny to piercingly tender - from introverted folk to sublime horn-infused pop.
Slater refers to Hrabal's humorous, and yet piercingly critical novella, when he is taking stock of the fate of 'working class identity' (p.
Allison's voice is remarkable--knowing and wise, and piercingly funny.
As daylight broke yesterday, the damage caused by the massive 200 ton crane became piercingly clear for local residents and investigators who would justifiably have wondered how the loss of life was not greater by the fall of a colossal metal tower onto a hugely popular promenade.
Warren is wondrous in the role, defining her loveless marriage to Roy (Ed Savage) with lonely remorse on her piercingly ruminative rendition of "Dividing Day.
Foot-stamping and high-toned bickering ensuing as they piercingly debated.
Slightly less piercingly acidic than some New Zealand Sauvignon, it has a welcome salty finish, great with fish dishes.
We were so many siblings ( 10 to be exact) that my mother felt nauseated by the very sight of us," Chughtai writes piercingly.
The clerk gave Amit a piercingly disinterested stare.
The poem, written in 1922, remains one of the most important literary works of the 20th Century and, despite its difficulty and obscurity, feels piercingly relevant today.
Images spring to mind: the flowering of the first daffodils in spring signalling that the earth is awakening from her winter slumber, fields of ripe corn swaying in the breeze on a warm summer's day in golden sunshine, frost patterns on the window and unspoilt panoramas of virgin white fields after a fresh snowfall under piercingly blue skies.