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pier (pir),

n an intermediate retaining or supporting abutment for a prosthesis. See also abutment.
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The old entrance buildings survived until the 1930s and it's still possible to see remains of the pier at very low tides.
Along with a variety of building amenities, residents of Two Northside Piers will enjoy access to the community's waterfront esplanade and 400-foot-long pier.
21, Pier 1 signed a confidentiality agreement with Jacobsen to share business and financial data in connection with "a possible negotiated transaction with Pier 1," according to a Securities and Exchanges Commission filing.
Once cargo has been transported from the floating pier to the beach it is moved across the beach en route to the marshalling yard.
According to A Man of the Beatitudes, Luciana Frassati's loving biography of her brother, first published in 1970, and now being reissued by Ignatius Press in time for World Youth Day, the biggest cross Pier Giorgio had to bear was the antipathy felt for him by his parents.
Businessman Chris Iredale has spent nearly pounds 1 million creating the 620- ft pier at Southwold, Suffolk.
Eric Smith, vice president of Expositions, explained that the concentration of art on Pier 94 will make the art easier to find while adding more space for additional exhibitors.
The Belmont Shore pier caters to people who are serious about fishing.
The SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk is a wonderful opportunity for the South Bay community to band together and we're thrilled to have Tommy Lasorda, a true sports icon, and a fitness pioneer like Denise Austin involved in this year's event," said Michael Greenberg, president of SKECHERS.
The project has had enormous impact in the local area, been a catalyst for creating community spirit and has brought together businesses, schools and local people all in creating a common goal to regenerate Hastings Pier and the local seaside economy.
Since it reopened to the public in 2014 more than 120,000 people have visited Penarth Pier Pavilion following a PS4.