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A circular chart in which the size of each 'slice' is proportional to the frequency of each category of a variable
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1960 EUROPE 67% OTHER REGIONS 21% LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN 9% ASIA 3% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Pie charts reveal the ratio of their friends' relationship statuses and maps plot their locations by global city.
Pie charts are popular but are not useful in most scientific papers.
The common convention in creating pie charts is to consider the circle as a clock face (4), starting with filling the largest section (wedge) in at 12:00, plotting subsequent sections in clockwise manner, and ending with the smallest section approaching 12:00 (Fig.
Pie charts accounted for 37 percent of the 411 graphics found in the authors' survey, and represented 43 percent of all graphics presented in reporting cities' MD&A (management's discussion and analysis) sections.
The advantage of ease of use that pie charts offer, however, also presents a significant drawback to this method: pie charts are single-item measures, and as such, their reliability is much more difficult to evaluate.
We can also place two pie charts side-by-side, one of our client's data and one of industry average data for our client's industry.
Provides commentary and pie charts detailing % share of sales by region for the company.
The illustrative MD&A in the implementation guide uses pie charts to reflect the relative importance of the various revenues and expenses.
The pie charts at right illustrate how four different hypothetical investors might allocate their investments based on their goals and tolerance for risk:
Generally, column and line charts depict variables over time; bar and pie charts depict variables at a specific instant.
Customers Provides commentary and pie charts detailing % share of sales by region for the company.