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A language that is no one’s native language, but is used as an auxiliary or supplemental language between 2 or more mutually unintelligible speech communities
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While the rhythm and rhymes of monosyllabic words may be a playful mockery of pidginization of Chinese, producing a music similar to that of Cantonese, a dialect spoken by immigrants from Canton and Hong Kong, the meanings of the words do not correspond to either the ethnic identity or racial stereotypes the sound might evoke.
Hence Creole is an advanced stage of pidginization whereby the non native speakers have become native.
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Grammatical agreement in Classical Arabic and the modern dialects: a response to Versteegh's pidginization hypothesis.
In Pidginization and Creolization of Languages, Dell Hymes (ed.
19), Holes gives a good account and rebuttal of Versteegh's pidginization and creolization hypothesis, with which I agree.
The relation between the linguistic processes of pidginization and creolization has been stated as one between reduction and expansion (perhaps first explicitly by Hymes 1971: 84;(2) see also Muhlhausler 1974).