cathode ray tube

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cath·ode ray tube (CRT),

an evacuated tube containing a beam of electrons that can be deflected to various parts of a fluorescent screen; used in the cathode ray oscilloscope.

cathode ray tube

See Video display unit.

cath·ode ray tube

(CRT) (kathōd rā tūb)
An evacuated tube containing a beam of electrons that can be deflected to various parts of a fluorescent screen; used in the cathode ray oscilloscope.
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Monitors come in several sizes: 14, 15, 17, 19, and 21 inches measured from the lower left corner of the picture tube to the upper right corner.
1997 The Queen with company bosses at the opening of the Chunghwa picture tube plant in a blaze of publicity just 10 years ago after the Taiwanese firm promised to create thousands of jobs for Scots; 2007 The failed plant is to be bulldozed and will be replaced by a string of smaller buildings for offices and warehouses.
29 Gandaria, Pekayon Jakarta 13710 Phone(s) : (021) 8015710, 8710221 (10 Lines) Fax : (021) 8710851 Telex : 48293 GOBEL IA Cable : GOBELPT JAKARTA Number of companies : Core Businesses : - Industry: Air moving products; AC, Coinshape lithium electric battery, Chemical, Colors picture tube, Drycell battery, Digital video disc player, Electronic & electrical household appliances, Electric cable, Lighting fixtures, KWH meter manufacturing, TV cabinet, Video cassette recorder (VCR) manufacturing and Watch assembling - Trade: Distribution, export, sole agent for electronic products Total assets : 1998 - Rp 12,500 billion (estimate) Sales turnover : 1998 - Rp 970 billion (estimate) Chairman : -Mr.
Believe it or not, its sound came from the motor of an old movie projector and a sputtering TV picture tube. Combining the two sounds produced the humming tone of a steady lightsaber.
Zenith Electronics, blaming problems at its troubled picture tube plant in Melrose Park, Ill., posted a $49.3 million loss in the second quarter, compared to a net loss of $33.2 million in the same period last year.
The ratings are constrained by volatile raw-material prices, longer operating cycle with high inventory and debtor days, declining market and customer concentration risk in the colour picture tube segment and foreign exchange fluctuation risk.
When the beam hits chemicals called phosphors on the inside of the picture tube, the phosphors glow to light up millions of colored dots on the screen.
Zenith also plans to cut about 800 hourly positions in 1997 at its Melrose Park, Ill., color picture tube plant as new automated processes improve productivity.
The model uses a super flat picture tube to enable accurate image reproduction across the entire screen and to provide distortion-free images with minimal glare and reflection.
Contract awarded for Acquisition Of Picture Tube Multifunction Printer Oki Mc 361.
The AEEU said the deal had been reached with a Taiwan-based firm which has a picture tube plant at Mossend in Lanarkshire.
He said other major picture tube investments are being made in high resolution computer display tubes.