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pi·co·mole (pmol),

(pī'kō-mōl, pē'kō-mōl),
One trillionth of a mole (10-12 mol).


(pmol) (pī'kō-mōl)
One trillionth of a mole (10-12 mole).
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Matsudaira, "Sequence from picomole quantities of proteins electroblotted onto polyvinylidene difluoride membranes," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
The primers were diluted up to 100 picomole concentration before use in RAPD analysis.
M2 PHARMA-April 25, 2013-Canada's Picomole develops breath test for lung cancer(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The A[beta](1-42)/(1-40) ratio was then calculated from the individual data expressed as picomole of the respective A[beta] peptide/mg total protein.
Picomole Instruments Inc, a company involved in infrared technologies for breath analysis, announced yesterday that it has received a Patent Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Results were calibrated with known concentrations of p-NA and expressed in picomole substrate cleaved/minute and per microgram protein at 25[degrees]C.
However, for early discovery or biomarker analyses, researchers are frequently working with small amounts of sample, often less than a picomole. In these cases, the best approach is nanoscale UPLC on 75-micron ID columns to minimize sample losses and sensitivity.
(22) The total run time is four minutes, and the analytical sensitivity is in the picomole range; inter- and intra-assay precision is less than 3.5%.
RSSL's new test uses a highly sensitive detection method to identify free asparagine at levels down to one picomole. Using this test, manufacturers should be in a position to identify crop varieties that are low in asparagine, giving them the option to specify raw materials that present less risk of acrylamide formation in the end product.
Amino acid analysis in the picomole range by precolumn derivatization and high-performance liquid chromatography.
It provides a liquid interface to either HPLC or GPC systems that acts as a highly specific and sensitive (picomole levels) detector.