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pi·co·mole (pmol),

(pī'kō-mōl, pē'kō-mōl),
One trillionth of a mole (10-12 mol).


(pmol) (pī'kō-mōl)
One trillionth of a mole (10-12 mole).
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25 April 2013 - Canadian provider of infrared technologies for breath analysis Picomole Inc unveiled yesterday it had developed a diagnostic test for detection of lung cancer, which had a preliminary accuracy of 98.
John Cormier, Founder and CEO of Picomole Instruments Inc, said, 'Notification that the patent will be issued in the United States validates seven years of research and development by our dedicated team of scientists and engineers.
PCR was optimized using 50ng of template, 10 picomole of each primer, 2 units of Taq polymerase, 0.
However, for early discovery or biomarker analyses, researchers are frequently working with small amounts of sample, often less than a picomole.
22) The total run time is four minutes, and the analytical sensitivity is in the picomole range; inter- and intra-assay precision is less than 3.
RSSL's new test uses a highly sensitive detection method to identify free asparagine at levels down to one picomole.
Amino acid analysis in the picomole range by precolumn derivatization and high-performance liquid chromatography.
Ames, "Detection of picomole levels of hydroperoxides using a fluorescent dichlorofluorescein assay," Analytical Biochemistry, vol.
Antibodies only let us find prions in amounts greater than 1 picomole.
The MAGIC 2002 Capillary HPLC System is ideally suited to interface with a variety of commercial micro or nano ESI-MS systems for picomole to attomole peptide mapping and identification of proteins from 2D gels.
The detection was quantitative over the three orders of magnitude that were examined in the femtomole to picomole range.