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pi·co·me·ter (pm),

(pī'kō-mē'tĕr, pē'-),
One trillionth of a meter.
Synonym(s): bicron
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(pm) (pī'kō-mē'tĕr)
One trillionth of a meter.
Synonym(s): bicron, picometre.
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During the latest testing, a staggering 2 picometre accuracy was obtained, far exceeding the best performance for an instrument of this type.
The square is virtually single-source, as the OED, under pico-, sanctions this prefix (with no hyphen) with units of measure in general, though picometre is strangely missing from the examples given.
To detect such small differences, the masses would be held on ultra-delicate springs and the position of each mass measured to within about 1 picometre by a comb-like device whose capacitance varies as the mass moves up or down.