picolinic acid

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pic·o·lin·ic ac·id

(pik'ō-lin'ik as'id),
Pyridine-4-carboxylic acid; an isomer of nicotinic acid.
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The results of XRD show the various organic acids present the soil like (dl-Tartaric acid 5- Formylvanillic acid p-Phenylenediacetic acid 3 3- Dimethylacrylic acid r-Pentyloxybenzoic acid Glycolic acid Mesaconic acid Picolinic acid along with other compounds of benzene.
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In this study, the effect of 2-pyridinecarboxylic acid (picolinic acid), a catabolite of L-tryptophan, was tested against trypanosomes of the subgenus Schizotrypanum isolated from the bat Phyllostomus hastatus.
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the actions of picolinic acid on the central nervous
They discovered that picolinic acid, produced in the liver and kidney, combined with ions of essential metals to carry them into our cells and tissues where they were needed.
A 500-nucleotide DNA has been characterized by MALDI-MS with a mixed matrix of picolinic acid and 3-hydroxypicolinic acid [8].
The polarographic reduction of isonicotinic and picolinic acids was also studied (Jellinek, 1954 and Volke et al, 1955).