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 (pg) [pi´ko-gram]
one trillionth (10−12) of a gram.
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pi·co·gram (pg),

(pī'kō-gram, pē'kō-gram),
One trillionth of a gram.
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(pg) (pī'kō-gram)
One trillionth of a gram.
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Typical blank levels range from low femtograms (10) to picograms. This is one of the main limitations in attaining ultra low detection limits because results less than five times blank levels are usually not reported as "detected".
The product's patented technology is optimised to amplify single copy genomic DNA with input amounts of less than six picograms. Furthermore, the user-friendly single tube protocol decreases the number of handling errors, as well as significantly reduces time to results.
The agency arrived at the maximum permissible concentration of dioxin in water on the basis of the standard for maximum tolerable daily intake (TDI) of dioxins, adjusted by the central government in June to 4 picograms per kg of body weight, they said.
For those delegates interested in Atomic Spectroscopy, Mike Blades, co-chaired a session entitled 'Atomic Spectroscopy: Picogram and Beyond'.
The SG-SRED method is very sensitive and able to measure DNase I concentrations in the picogram range after incubation of 16 h at 37'C (6).
Furthermore, the authors refer to HPV viral loads measured in RLU per picogram. This is incorrect: viral load measurements with the Digene HCII test are, in fact, ratios representing RLU of sample/RLU of the mean of positive controls, where positive controls contain 1 pg/mL of HPV 16 DNA.
An Environment Agency council proposed Friday that the upper limit for concentration of dioxins in the air be set at 0.6 picogram per cubic meter, down from the 0.8 picogram level stipulated by current guidelines.
Extensive human populations are exposed to a potent neurotoxin aerosol that affects human health in doses that are at or near our analytic limits of detection (picogram to nanogram range).
This method can detect viral loads as low as 1 picogram of viral DNA per milliliter.
In our initial studies, allergic sheep that inhaled environmentally relevant concentrations (picogram per milliliter) of lysed cultures of K.
For example, a leek sample that revealed 0.12 picogram of dioxins under the conventional method, showed 0.24 picogram under the new method.