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 (pg) [pi´ko-gram]
one trillionth (10−12) of a gram.

pi·co·gram (pg),

(pī'kō-gram, pē'kō-gram),
One trillionth of a gram.


/pi·co·gram/ (pg) (pi´ko-gram) one-trillionth (10−12) of a gram.

picogram (pg)

a unit of measure equal to one trillionth of a gram, or 10-12 gram.


(pg) (pī'kō-gram)
One trillionth of a gram.


one million-millionth (10−12) gram. Abbreviated pg.
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The WT-Ovation(TM) Pico System with 500 picogram RNA input requirements demonstrates the power of our technology," said Sue Pandey, vice president of commercial operations for NuGEN.
Researchers have developed a method to detect as little as three picograms of methylated DNA; it will spot as few as three cancer cells in a tissue sample.
Results generated by these determinations were analyzed with the Empower Pro program (Empower Software, Waters Corporation) and are expressed in picograms per milliliter of microdialysate or nanograms per milligram of protein of tissue.
Low levels of B-12 (below 148 picograms per milliliter) were linked to lower bone density in the spine (in women) and the hip (in men).
T]S) of these reactions were then plotted against the log amount of plasmid per reaction in picograms.
In April 1998, 8,500 picograms of dioxin were measured per gram of soil near the incinerator, the highest concentration of dioxin measured in Japan up to that time.
Also in July 2000, two days before the signing of the settlement, the highest-ever concentration of dioxin was found in the blood fat of a worker involved in dismantling the incinerator at about 5,380 picograms per gram of blood fat.
Of course I know at a glance how many picograms of dioxin there are in any food on my plate.
TRXRF systems can simultaneously analyze many elements with instrument detection levels less than or equal to 10 picograms for 50 elements between P and U.
A serving of that ice cream would contain 80 picograms of dioxin.
4 picograms of the toxic substances and their lean meat holding 2.
Requiring just 500 picograms of mRNA starting material, the new kit speeds RNA-Seq analysis of a broad range of clinical samples including tissue collections, allowing for rapid, systematic, genetic exploration.