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Percy T., English physiologist, 1872-1967. See: Herring bodies.
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The home stocks, which are not small, have been augmented by large purchases made in Norway, and these pickled herrings are now being retailed at from 2 1/2d per lb upwards according to quality.
Germans believe rollmops: raw, pickled herring wrapped around pieces of gherkin and onion- help cure hangover.
I turned pages to envision sticky fruit soups, served hot and cold and of reindeer meat, pickled herring and the famous smorgasbord, the classic Swedish buffet spread.
Restaurants serve pickled herring, salmon, spiced red cabbage, pts and meatballs.
Then there are marine products like pickled herring, crayfish and other kinds of fish.
When Jews immigrated to New York from central and eastern Europe, they found comfort in the Lower East Side pushcarts that sold cheap, familiar foods: knishes, pickled herring, cured meats and pickles.
Food on board was excellent and typically Swedish, including smoked reindeer, pickled herring and a starter called Gubbr|ra - translated to read as "a mix of anchovy, boiled egg, cream and onion on dark, sweet rye bread".
For those snowy, icy days try a scandinavian staple, pickled herring, with ice-cold gin, or aquavit, which is like vodka, but flavoured with herbs such as caraway, anise, dill, fennel or coriander.
For this you will require the following; mustard coated ham, smoked eel, air-dried cod, red cabbage, two types of pickled herring, a slice of delicious elk sausage, red cabbage and of course, that old favourite, knackebrod.
Georgie is the son of Alfred Locke (played in cantankerous fashion by Philip Highley) who owns a fruit stall next to Mrs Blitztein's pickled herring stall.
Today, they have enough supplies to last two full months, including pickled herring, sauerkraut, Ramen noodles, fruits and nuts, 50 gallons of water - and a good supply of chocolate.
The food was terrific, and I even tried eel, pickled herring and fried herring ( all Swedish delicacies.