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Percy T., English physiologist, 1872-1967. See: Herring bodies.
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Back at Salt & Sill, I idly watched a white jellyfish tentacling its way through the blue-black water like a plastic bag with purpose, before tucking into matjessill (herring) and other pickled herrings served cold and variously flavoured with mustard or apple, chillies and vanilla.
Whilst the latter speak of real-world activity the pictures speak of piratical adventures, the search for Treasure Island aboard The Pickled Herring, Dad being the biggest swashbuckling pirate of them all.
Set in Sweden, yet devoid of so much as a Volvo, Abba B-side or pickled herring, Wallander proved a tasty watch with a fine supporting cast who probably jumped at the chance to work with such a master on a Scandic jolly.
Her voice trailed off as I smiled broadly, knocking back a vodka followed by a piece of pickled herring.
Midnight Sunshine Sarasotans of Scandinavian descent crave the Nordic licorice, pickled herring, jams, cheeses and groceries you'd miss by heading straight for addictive 30-layer Kringle pastries (from $9.
Although portions are large, it is standard to order two or even three smorrebrod, typically starting with pickled herring followed by fish or shellfish, then meat.
Mette says: "This includes a fish starter, pork meatballs, cabbage and caraway seeds, gamon, pickled herring, gravadlax.
He brought trendy European cheeses to New York's newly minted foodies while feeding borscht and pickled herring to Jewish celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen.
Contradictory conceptions of appetite are central to Appelbaum's discussion of pickled herring and self-regulation in "Belch's Hiccup," human flesh and hunger in "Cannibals and Missionaries.
Also very highly recommended is Annie Jacobsen and Susan Jo Hanson's previous picturebook collaboration, "Terrible Troll Cat", which is also published by Pickled Herring Press.
I know pickled herring isn't on the top of everyone's list, but if you're there, you really should try it.
Plates with different types of pickled herring and potatoes, a must-have for any midsummer feast, were enjoyed in the shade of the big oak trees.