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For those who do not know what a pickax is, it is about three feet long from end to end, with a thick wooden handle attached to a metal tool.
Consistent with the Company's plan to consolidate its operations following the December 1, 2000, merger of Omnis and PickAX, Inc.
1, 2000, a wholly owned subsidiary of Omnis Technology merged with PickAx, making Pick and its corporate group wholly owned subsidiaries of Omnis.
In November 2000, a wholly owned subsidiary of Omnis Technology Corporation merged with PickAx, Inc.
PLEASE NOTE: In this news release, statements that are not historical facts, including but not limited to statements (a) that include the words "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "estimates" or words of similar importance or meaning; (b) that describe any of the plans, objectives or goals for future operations and products of Omnis Technology Corporation and its affiliates ("Omnis") or PickAx, Inc.
Burns, Chairman of Raining Data commented, "We continue to meet our primary objective following the acquisition of PickAX, which is to operate at positive cash flow while we integrate the technologies of Omnis Technology and Pick Systems.
This revenue increase reflects the first full quarter of combined operations following the acquisition of PickAX, Inc.
Execution is a just reward for those who unlawfully take away a life by pulling the trigger or swinging a pickax.
Karla Faye Tucker, the 38-year-old pickax murderer who charmed television audiences worldwide with her coquettish smile and talk of Jesus, was executed Tuesday despite an all-out legal blitz to spare her life.
It was proven that this woman was a killer of two people with a pickax.
7 issue of the Daily News regarding the fate of Karla Faye Tucker, convicted of murdering two people with a pickax 14 years ago, left out a few pertinent factors.