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herb·al ther·a·py

(ĕr'băl thār'ă-pē)
The use of herbs and other plants for their medicinal qualities.
Synonym(s): phytomedicine, phytotherapy.


Medical treatment based on plant extracts and products. Many important drugs are derived from plants but, in scientific medicine, these are purified and assayed and their effect is known and can be predicted. Treatment using crude plant extracts can be dangerous because of the wide and uncontrolled range of potency involved in seemingly identical samples of the same plant. A diet based on a high intake of vegetables and fruit is to be recommended on strong scientific evidence as a means of reducing the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Patient discussion about phytotherapy

Q. Which of these meds are better and without any side effect, chemical medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Hi, I want to know which of these medicines are better and without any side effect, chemical medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Can herbal treat all diseases?

A. Hi rohan this question always get me going;;CHINESE MED ARE USED MORE FOR PREVENTION,and like BRANDON said most drugs are made from plants?and ther is NO such thing as a med without side effects.natural is not always true,and herbal refers to (plants).If you have a diseace there is no quick cure,most diseases are controlled by meds---dont be fooled by the HYPE--mrfoot56--peace

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Homeolab USA offers a complete line of more than 200 prime quality natural products in the homeopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy and trace mineral categories.