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including Chlorophyll-a, phytoplankton and zooplankton enumeration, and pesticides
They suggested global warming could interrupt photosynthesis - the natural process by which phytoplankton produce up to half of the world's oxygen supply - and prove more disastrous than the megafloods predicted if the ice caps melt.
The Pre-Aerosol, Clouds and Ocean Ecosystem satellite, now in early development, will provide a revolutionary way of measuring phytoplankton from orbit; and,
The chlorophyll a content of the phytoplankton biomass in Lake Balaton varies between 0.
While clearly a pioneer, Markuson is not alone in this thinking, as evidenced by other supplement companies also exploring phytoplankton as an alternative to fish oil.
According to Koffman, Australia was relatively wet in the last Ice Age compared to New Zealand, which contained more iron-rich dust that would fertilize the marine phytoplankton.
During cold, dark winters, storms roll ocean waters, stirring phytoplankton into the depths.
Indeed, in the aquatic system, Laskar and Gupta [21] reported that phytoplankton is of immense importance as a major source of organic carbon found at the base of the system (aquatic ecosystem).
As is the case for other bivalve shellfish, eastern oysters are efficient water filters that are able to remove suspended particles, including phytoplankton and detritus, from the water column through feeding activities.
Each lake represents a unique environment for deposition and preservation of PhPs, depending on its oxygen and light penetration characteristics, resuspension intensity, digestion through zooplankton grazing and phytoplankton abundance.
But these vital annual blooms of phytoplankton are now peaking up to 50 days earlier than they did 14 years ago, satellite data show.
At the opening ceremony held at the Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, Dr Lubna Hamoud Al Kharusi, director of Marine Science and Fisheries Centre at the Ministry of Fisheries Wealth, said, "This workshop is aimed to enhance the capacity of specialists in marine ecology regarding sample collection, analysis and identification of Red Tide causing phytoplankton and cysts, in addition to data andA exchange of experience with the international experts in this field.