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The biochemical study of plants; concerned with the identification, biosynthesis, and metabolism of chemical constituents of plants; especially used in regard to natural products.


(fī″tō-kĕm′ĭs-trē) [″ + chemeia, chemistry]
The study of plant chemistry.


n the scientific study and classification of the chemical constituents of plants.
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Further, Professor Panossian will be supported by our new Co-editor, Professor Susana Zacchino, Academic Chief of Pharmacognosy Area at the National University of Rosario (Argentina), also an excellent phytochemist specialized in the field of Antifungal Natural Products and Synergy Research.
Unfortunately, in reviewing manuscripts, the editors, co-editors and reviewers, have noticed repeatedly that, for example, the analytic phytochemists show no clear vision of the potential therapeutic use of their drug preparations.
Taken as a whole, Geranium and Pelargonium is an excellent resource for the pharmacognosists, phytochemists and phytopharmacologists, as well as other professionals interested in botanical medicine and plant chemistry of these genera.
This group of secondary metabolites is interesting to organic chemists, pharmacologists and phytochemists not only for chemical reason as challenging synthetic targets but also for their remarkable biological properties.