physiological saline

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physiological saline

A sterile solution of sodium chloride that is isotonic to body fluids, used to maintain living tissue temporarily and as a solvent for parenterally administered drugs.

physiological saline

normal saline

; physiological saline; Normasol; Steripod physiological (isotonic) saline solution (0.89% NaCl in sterile water) that approximates to tissue fluid, does not dehydrate cells and is not tissue-toxic; used at 37°C (“Warmasol”) to irrigate and cleanse chronic wounds (see wound)

saline, physiological 

A 0.9% sterile solution of sodium chloride in water. This concentration of sodium chloride is considered approximately isotonic with the tears. It is used to store and rinse soft contact lenses, to irrigate the eye, etc. Syn. normal saline; NaCl 0.9%. See eyewash; irrigation; isotonic solution.

physiological, physiologic

1. pertaining to physiology;
2. normal; not pathological. Conforming to the normal function of an organ or the body as a whole.

physiological age
age as measured by events rather than years. For example: first-calf heifer, fourth litter sow, stallion in his fourth season.
physiological saline
0.9% solution of sodium chloride. See also normal saline.
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9 Table 3: Solubility of VST in physiological saline containing additive at 37[degrees]C.
Group Drug (solvent) Molecular Dose formula (mg/kg) 1 Physiological saline NaCl 2 Cyclophosphamide (saline) C7H15Cl2N2O2P 10 (single) 3 5-Nitrofurantoin C8H6N4O5 50 (dimethyl cellulose) 4 Fluconazole (saline) C13H12F2N6O 12 5 Paracetamol (saline) C8H9NO2 60 6 5-Nitrofurantoin C8H6N4O5/C8H9NO2 50/60 (dimethyl cellulose) /paracetamol (saline) 7 Sodium valproate (saline) C8H15NaO2 100 (Olympus, Japan).
After incubation, the cells were harvested by centrifugation at 3000 g for 10 min at 4 [degrees]C and washed with sterile cold (4 [degrees]C) distilled water and re-suspended in 10 ml of physiological saline with 0.
Finally, the articular capsule and skin were sutured after the joint cavity was irrigated with physiological saline solution, and the animals were allowed free cage activity postoperatively.
At the end of the incubation period, cells were harvested by centrifugation at 4000rpm for 30mins and re-suspended in 100ml sterile physiological saline.
The cells were then treated with a solution containing commercially available baby shampoo, in a 1:100 ratio of shampoo to physiological saline, to replicate the typical level experienced by consumers upon application.
Glass fiber dissolution in a physiological saline solution.
The dilution was done in such a way that 1 ml of physiological saline contained the required dose of nicotine.
3 mL of hemolymph was drawn from the posterior adductor muscle into an equal amount of physiological saline using a 21-gauge needle, with the mixture placed in a siliconized Eppendorf tube and gently inverted.

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