physiological saline

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physiological saline

A sterile solution of sodium chloride that is isotonic to body fluids, used to maintain living tissue temporarily and as a solvent for parenterally administered drugs.
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saline, physiological 

A 0.9% sterile solution of sodium chloride in water. This concentration of sodium chloride is considered approximately isotonic with the tears. It is used to store and rinse soft contact lenses, to irrigate the eye, etc. Syn. normal saline; NaCl 0.9%. See eyewash; irrigation; isotonic solution.
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Studied drugs were administered subcutaneously on depilated parts of the skin at a dose of 0.0005 mg, 0.001 mg, and 0.002 mg in 0.1 cm3 of physiological saline to determine the tuberculin units of sensitins.
At induction, bolus 0.5 mg/kg ketamine was intravenously given in 5 mL physiological saline solution.
Connective tissue and large vessels were dissected out using a sterile scalpel blade and the tissue was washed using a sterile physiological saline solution with the aid of a disposable sterile syringe.
For the blockade experiment, either CXCL4mab (1mg/kg) or physiological saline were delivered to recipient rats (BN-to-Lewis) through the tail vein once every week for 2 months beginning on POD 5.
According to previous studies [18], ALI was induced in rats by intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) (20mg/kg Escherichia coli B55:5, Sigma Aldrich, USA) in physiological saline. Prior to the experiment, rats were restrained from eating and drinking for 8 h.
The bacterial cells were harvested by centrifugation at 5000g for 10 min at 4[degrees]C, and the pellet was washed twice and resuspended in sterile physiological saline (0.9%, w/v).
An FD was placed in a plastic dish and 10 mL of the dissolution medium (physiological saline preheated to 37[degrees]C) was added.
The ampoule of freeze-dried vaccine which was diluted in 1000 ml physiological saline solution containing 1 ml antibiotic solution was used in the experiment.
In general, the time spent between ovary collection and oocyte recovery should be within 3-4 hours and a 30-33[degrees]C temperature range of the physiological saline should be maintained.
This study contained four groups: wild-type mice that received physiological saline, wild-type mice that received moxifloxacin, HERG knockout mice that received saline, and HERG knockout mice that received moxifloxacin.
All the drugs were dissolved in physiological saline. Dosages were chosen according to previous experiments (Tahsili-Fahadan et al., 2006).
Intravenous (IV) fluid of 3000 cc/m2 was administered as 1/3 physiological saline solution along with bicarbonate (HCO3) treatment.

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