physiologic saline

phys·i·o·log·ic sa·line

Avoid the obsolete phrase normal saline, which is easily misinterpreted as 1 N sodium chloride.
An isotonic aqueous solution of salts, containing 0.9% sodium chloride.

physiologic saline.

phys·i·o·log·ic sa·line

(fiz'ē-ŏ-loj'ik sā'lēn)
An isotonic aqueous solution of salts, containing 0.9% sodium chloride.
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1) However, prior to performing these tests, the donor RBCs must be thoroughly washed with physiologic saline to remove unwanted components, such as residual plasma and cellular debris, which could otherwise impair the reliability and reproducibility of the test results.
Physiologic saline was infused at 8 mL/kg per hour for 24h via the right jugular venous catheter.
The mass was removed by using an electric drill while rinsing with physiologic saline.
They were then stored in physiologic saline solution (Baxter India Pvt.
Thirty-two male Sprague-Dawley rats, obtained from Sino-British Sippr/BK (Shanghai, China) with body weight of 140-160g, were divided randomly into four groups of eight animals each and treated for 90 days as follows: (1) Normal control group (Ct) received physiologic saline (10 ml/kg.
To perform a wet mount, a vaginal swab is collected from a patient and placed into a tube of physiologic saline.
Control group was given physiologic saline orally (10 mL/kg body weight) as the vehicle (gavage); ethanol group was administrated 1 mL (per rat) absolute alcohol by gavage; the third and fourth groups were given NS (10 mL/kg body weight) and TQ (10 mg/kg body weight p.
The solution was allowed to have an effect for 15 seconds, after which, 5 ml of physiologic saline solution was used to immediately flush the area.
The aim of this work was the improvement of the treatment results of children with purulent endobronchitis of the different etiology with using of the autotransplantation of the macrophage cell of the respirator tract with stimulation by ozonized physiologic saline.
A variety of irrigating solutions have been used which include physiologic saline, oxidizing agent like Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium hypochlorite, EDTA, Chlorhexidine etc.
The dissolution buffer was not "normal saline," as stated by Ghio and Bennett; it was physiologic saline, a "simulated lung fluid" used for decades in studies of man-made fiber dissolution (Potter and Mattson 1991).

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