physician-hospital organization

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physician-hospital organization (PHO)

(in the United States) a management service organization in which the partners are physicians and hospitals. The PHO organization contracts for physician and hospital services.

physician-hospital organization

Managed care A corporation formed by a hospital and its medical staff to contract with MCOs. See Managed care.
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One of its missions is to identify and analyze the forces driving the formation of physician-hospital organizations across the country.
Amerigroup s Georgia health plan has expanded its provider network with the addition of Central Georgia Health Network (CGHN), which is one of Georgia's biggest physician-hospital organizations, effective Nov.
CDPHO - with 66 Primary Care Physicians and 160 Specialists participating in this agreement - is one of the largest physician-hospital organizations in Western Massachusetts to join the AQC.
Pfifferling: I see a tremendous set of conflicts arising in the next five to 10 years with physician-hospital organizations competing with the non-hospital physician organizations that are pre-union, if you wish, and causing tremendous conflict between those two groups and the competing allegiances physicians owe.
She routinely represents physicians, hospitals, ancillary care providers, independent practice associations, physician-hospital organizations, pharmacy services administrative organizations, trade associations and insurers.
The increasing prevalence of capitated contracting arrangements with physician-hospital organizations is an example of the creation of a provider risk-sharing environment in which quality improvement and utilization management efforts can be embraced by physicians.
It meets requirements for the new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) for commercial insurers and Medicare Advantage plans (MIPPA), as well as Integrated Delivery Systems, Physician-Hospital Organizations, IPAs, MSOs and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations.
Hospitals and academic health centers create group practices of physicians and physician-hospital organizations and start, or acquire, health maintenance organizations.
Despite the lack of clear direction from the text of the legislation, it is unlikely that Stark II will be interpreted to prohibit physicians from taking financial risk for providing medical services or from entering into arm's-length relationships with hospitals, through physician-hospital organizations or otherwise, to manage risk.
competitors and have built physician-hospital organizations.
Headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, QualCare is owned by 14 non-profit hospitals and physician-hospital organizations.

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