physical level

physical level,

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And Fabregas's verdict on the physical level of the division could give away a big clue as to one of the reasons why the Blues have struggled so badly.
You need to be at a physical level to play to the standards that I demand.
SONATA is the first global mobile advertising platform focused entirely on driving results at the physical level for local, national and global advertisers.
On a physical level, lab safety is instrumental in creating a safe learning environment.
But experiences and even attitudes could change the "plastic" brain on a physical level, causing its wiring to alter.
Still, he does not try to assault her on the physical level, according to the video.
Refining essences and formulas that treat symptoms on the physical level is a one- to two-month process.
At Lille we had a team that had good ball control, we had players who could technically make the difference but the physical level it is helping me a lot, especially with the repeated effort both in attack and in Turn to Page 70
05 ( ANI ): Scientists have found that there are certain genetic similarities between bats and dolphins and that the evolution of similar traits in different species, a process known as convergent evolution, is widespread not only at the physical level, but also at the genetic level.
Nobbs had brought the team up to a certain physical level.
This project abstracts from this physical level and will transform and develop the relevant phenomena at a mathematical level so that they can be integrated in computational models, logics and formal methods used in computer science.
And we now need to continue monitoring their fitness and their strength levels, so we have done a number of running tests and several strength tests to find what physical level they are at.

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