physical level

physical level,

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it's gone back a hell of a lot now to teams being at a certain physical level now and players are all at a certain physical level, give or take a few freaks here or there.
But because needs must they have been rushed back to come straight back to the first team and then the physical level is just too much.
This study, however, focused specifically on how stress and loneliness, as they were connected to a person's social interactions, could predict a person's health on a physical level.
I hope to positively impact these residents lives, not only on a physical level, but on an emotional one as well.
He's reaching for the next level, a new physical level and that's really good news.
Yoga is best known for its stretching and strengthening qualities at the physical level and for its effects on clearing and relaxation.
Hence, while we are in this world, we human beings have three levels - the bodily or physical level, the mind or mental level, and the soul or spiritual level.
ph "If a player plays every three days it's not possible to keep a good performance or physical level.
The researcher has noted through teaching, training and researching in fencing experiences the rare use of this tool in the area of team sports despite the low cost, easy performing and well utilizing of the pitch spaces, as well as what the physical fitness practical performance has proved with the success of this assisting tool in promoting the physical fitness and using it as a motivation and excitement element to the female students in order to improve their physical level in its various components.
Maryam al-Hamadi, corporate communications and public relations executive director, PHCC, said: "We are working together with partners in the health sector to contribute to awareness improvement of the health and physical level of the community.
On the physical level, some chemicals in the brain that transmit messages and create feelings, called neurotransmitters, are affected by fasting.
You need to be at a physical level to play to the standards that I demand.

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