physical field

physical field,

n in energy medicine, one of the three etheric levels of the human energy field. This layer embodies the sense of physical sensation, vitality of the body, and the autonomic functioning of cells, tissues, and organs and is found closest to the skin surface.
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Almost everyone we've spoken to has not only seen how virtual field trips can be a natural complement for physical field trips but also how the technology could be used to provide a wide range of virtual experiences in support of other subjects, from history to languages.
From the point of view of Quantum-entropic logic theory information is a material substance, a physical field directly linked to energy and mass of an object.
I chose to pursue a BFA in modern dance because it was a highly physical field rooted in psychological investigation.
Virtual Drive Test reduces the amount of physical field testing required in a product's life cycle resulting in significant cost savings," said Rob VanBrunt, vice president of Spirent's CDMA and Physical Layer market segment.
Survey" is commonly used to refer to the survey map, although the word "survey" more accurately refers to the whole of the surveying activities including the field measurements, field notes, physical field evidence, and the surveyor's review of the evidence and formation of opinions about boundary lines and other matters.
Writing for the benefit of young researchers, undergraduate and graduate students and engineers in the fields of computational and applied mathematics, mechanics and physics, this collection focuses on grid generation and numerical simulation of physical field phenomena and processes.
Working in an expanded range of media and subtly deranging the strategies of mass-cultural production (repackaging, piracy), he stakes out resistant, rather than recuperative, positions within the so-called space of flows--the partly virtual, partly physical field in which information, culture, and capital circulate under ever-increasing state and corporate control.
A ceremonial groundbreaking took place last week; however, due to inclement weather and frozen ground at the site in Princess Anne, Maryland, physical field construction is expected to be delayed.
On the one hand, "the physical fluorescent light tube has never dissolved or disappeared by entering the physical field of its own light.
An organism, a peculiar "open-closed" system, quickly follows the smallest changes of the natural physical field surrounding and influencing it, since it is its habitat.
Thus I suggest that, aside for the known physical fields, the field of the positive integers exists as a physical field of the Nature.
It's not a new technology, in fact physical field stimulation has been shown to heal broken bones in documented cases dating all the way back to 1812.