physical anthropology

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the study of human beings and their development, including their customs and practices, that is based on an understanding of the contexts from which observations about human activities are derived. adj., adj anthropolog´ical.
applied anthropology the use of anthropological approaches and knowledge to influence human behavior or encourage change (including economic development) in the living patterns of different cultural groups.
physical anthropology the field of anthropology that focuses on human physical characteristics.
sociocultural anthropology the field of anthropology that focuses on shared patterns of behavior and on customary, agreed-upon solutions that influence behavior; it also includes the study of interactions between individuals.

phys·i·cal an·thro·pol·o·gy

the study of the physical attributes of human beings.

physical anthropology

The branch of anthropology concerned with physical measurement of human beings (as living subjects or skeletal remains).
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Kirk and physical anthropology doctoral student Amber Heard-Booth are the first to apply Leuckart's Law - a hypothesis that was developed specifically for birds and speed of flight - to 50 species of mammals.
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I benefited from comprehensive discussion with Dirk van Tuerenhout, the curator at Houston, the arrangements of his colleague Latha Thomas, and remarks of Corinne Duhig's on the physical anthropology.
On his Y chromosome (inherited from paternal ancestors), this long-dead man possessed a set of genetic mutations that commonly appears today among male speakers of Indo-European languages in northeastern Europe, central Asia and northern India, Kim's team reports in an upcoming American Journal of Physical Anthropology.
And teeth can reveal much about a person's diet, says Tasa, whose specialty is physical anthropology - a blend of biology and anthropology that makes him an expert on bones.

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