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Physical aging is a common phenomenon which exists in polymeric material and its composites [1-6].
To date, they have observed accelerated physical aging among patients with schizophrenia, compared with controls, with a high morbidity and a lifespan shorter by 20 years, tied in most cases to heart disease and other afflictions common in older age.
Accelerated aging tests relied on by industries such as medical take into account only chemical aging--oxidation-- and ignore physical aging.
These specialty workshop topics included Personalized Lifestyle Medicine, Optimizing Sexual Function, Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy, Aesthetic Treatments: Laser and Light Applications, Reversing Physical Aging, Power of Hormones, and Menopause/Andropause: Improving the Health and Happiness of your Patients with BHRT.
Further, not everyone who goes through the process of physical aging loses their sexual interest or prowess.
Consumers who attribute great importance to youthfulness find signs of physical aging problematic.
Intrapair differences of physical aging and longevity in identical twins.
Physical aging data here confirms that this transition does resemble a glass transition.
Only one of the 11 studies deals with the aging of polymers, and that is to report the absence of physical aging effects in the surface region of glassy polymers.
social isolation and physical aging make for a toxic cocktail".
2, on physical and mental health, continues this format with 10 chapters on topics that include longevity and health, cognitive and physical aging from the standpoint of behavioral genetics, the impact of psychosocial stress on aging, and mental health assessment.
The degradation of the composites is introduced as a phenomenon of plastification or physical aging as the result from the distribution of water in the polymer matrix at the level of the fiber-matrix interface [3, 4].

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