anatomic age

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an·a·tom·i·c age

age in terms of structure rather than of function or the passage of time.
Synonym(s): physical age

anatomic age,

the estimated age of an individual based on the stage of development or deterioration of the body as compared with that of other persons of the same chronologic age.

an·a·tom·i·c age

(an-ă-tomik āj)
Age in terms of structure rather than of function or the passage of time.
Synonym(s): physical age.
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I went through a body checkup, where a machine measured my weight, BMI and told me what physical age my body had reached.
She pointed out that transmission from the radio were halted a long time ago as its transmitter had attained its physical age but with the efforts of engineers and technicians this costly project was completed at an inexpensive cost of around Rs 200,000.
When you factor in both the training age and the physical age then you end up with a conundrum -- new trainers will be younger and therefore be able to train more, but they will not need to in order to get great results, they'll get similar results from five days as they would from three.
They say most girls are about five years psychologically ahead of boys of the same physical age, but Milly was an exception.
She says these children need to be played with in the same way as other children, just with adaptations for their mental or physical age levels.
Then they consider biological matters such as challenges of the psychological assessment of maturity; principles of physical age estimation; growth, maturation, and age; practical imaging techniques for age estimation; external soft tissue indicators of age from birth to adulthood; odontology in the living; the skeleton; age evaluation after growth cessation; presenting results and statistics for legal purposes; and key practical elements for age estimation in the living.
Traditionalists--the presence of second-career lawyers can throw these types of assumptions based on physical age into a tailspin [see "Technology and Different Generations Cause Shifts in Law Firm Dynamics," March 2009, p.
She also said that sometimes she felt as young as 39, adding: "It's not my physical age that's important - it's how I feel inside.
It's not my physical age that is important - it's how I feel inside.
There are several likely reasons for this gender gap in subjective physical age.
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