physical activity pyramid

phys·i·cal ac·tiv·i·ty pyr·a·mid

(fiz'i-kăl ak-tiv'i-tē pir'ă-mid)
1. A visual representation demonstrating how to increase physical activity until it becomes a part of daily routine.
2. Visual representation with daily recommended activity at the base and proceeding to less beneficial activity at the peak.
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It explains what physical fitness and physical activity are, their assessment, making a personal activity plan, motor skills and the importance of practice, and types of activities in a physical activity pyramid consisting of moderate physical activity, vigorous aerobics, vigorous sports and recreation, muscle fitness exercises, and flexibility exercises, as well as information on body composition and nutrition and planning for physical activity.
The physical activity pyramid (Leon & Norstrom 1995) emphasize that a complete exercise program should encourage individuals to be as active as they can during their daily life, in addition to performing structured physical activity.
Almost everyone is familiar with the Food Guide Pyramid, but not many people are as familiar with the Physical Activity Pyramid.
With that in mind, EN has devised its own physical activity pyramid with guidance from our in-house expert, Nancy Clark, M.
After an introduction, the digest focuses on: "Factors to Consider in Selecting Appropriate Physical Activity Guidelines" (group credibility and purpose, benefits to be expected if guidelines are followed, and people for whom the guidelines are intended); "Interpreting Existing Physical Activity Guidelines" (the early years: a fitness focus, and 1992 to the present: the emerging health focus); and "Making Sense of Current Recommendations": the physical activity pyramid, which offers one method of classifying guidelines and includes lifestyle physical activities; active aerobic, active sports, and recreational activities; muscle fitness and flexibility exercises; and inactivity; prevention of premature health problems; and other recommendations (e.
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