phyllodes tumor

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phyl·lodes tu·mor

a spectrum of neoplasms consisting of a mixture of benign epithelium and stroma with variable cellularity and cytologic abnormalities, ranging from benign phyllodes tumor to cytosarcoma phyllodes; most often involves the breast.
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Preoperative open biopsy was taken which revealed benign phyllodes tumor on histopathology.
(32) Key histologic features that aid in the differential diagnosis are the characteristic leaflike fronds with stromal expansion and benign epithelial lining of phyllodes tumor (Figure 2, A).
Hormone receptor gene and oncogene expressions are extremely low in MBC, which may occasionally emerge from underlying fibroadenoma or phyllodes tumor. Imaging features have been variously described such as well-circumscribed, irregular, or spiculated (26); circumscribed, noncalcified, spiculated (24); oval, indistinct, and partially well-circumscribed (27).
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* Phyllodes tumor. A very rare form of breast cancer, phyllodes tumor forms in the connective tissue of the breast, called the stroma.