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a class of saprobic and parasitic fungi of the phylum Zygomycota; important pathogenic organisms are in the orders Entomophthorales and Mucorales.


A class of fungi characterized by sexual reproduction resulting in the formation of a zygospore, and asexual reproduction by means of nonmotile spores called sporangiospores or conidia.
Synonym(s): Phycomycetes
[zygo- + G. mykēs (mykēt-), fungus]


An obsolete group of fungi with nonseptate hyphae, reclassified as Zygomycota.
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Optic neuritis can be caused by members of the Phycomycetes and the yeast Cryptococcus.
Mucormycosis, also known as zygomycosis or phycomycosis, is an infection caused by one of a variety of fungi belonging to the class phycomycetes, order mucorales.
R seeberi (Rhinosporidium kinealyi) is a member of the Phycomycetes class of fungi.
Trichoderma, Paecilomyces, Scopulariopsis, and Cephalosporium were also present in addition to small numbers of Phycomycetes, especially Pythium sp., Mucor sp., and Mortierella sp.
No aggressive samples could be analyzed because very rapidly growing phycomycetes obscured more slowly growing molds.