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Any of several stable, light-fast, blue or green organic pigments used in enamels and plastics.
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Phthalocyanine blues and greens contain a transition metal complexed by a conjugated aromatic macrocycle, making them a hybrid inorganic-organic pigment that exhibits features from both classes.
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In the present investigation, we chose to study polystyrene (PS) and PS- tetra-tert-butyl-copper phthalocyanine (Cu[[(tBu).sub.4]Pc]) thin films.
Optimization energy values of phthalocyanines metal atoms are Mn: -152.4 kcal/mol, Fe: -161.9 kcal/mol, Co: -151.5 kcal/mol, Cu: -131.6 kcal/mol, Ni: -138.5 kcal/mol, and PAH: -1611.1 kcal/mol.
Thin films composed of copper phthalocyanine CuPc and fullerene C60, p-n small molecules, have in recent years received increasing attention, due to new optoelectronic applications [1-4].
The measures, which mainly concern azo pigments and phthalocyanines, will begin this year and are expected to be completed by 2013.
Most classes of these pigments, including [beta]-naphthol, Naphthol AS, mono- and di-arylide yellows, quinacridones, copper phthalocyanines, benzimidazolones, and perylenes give good diffraction data.
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