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One who claims to be able to diagnose mental and behavioral characteristics by a study of the external configuration of the skull.
[see phrenology]
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If not conclusively the first phrenologist to provide vocational guidance, he was the first to author a book on this topic.
Ruth's uncommonly distinguished and superior individuality, which the phrenologist can decipher in the very bumps and lines of her skull, is constituted by, even dependent upon, her existence as a judicious, yet freely-spending consumer.
In Liverpool, capitalists and artisans thought it offered a solution to the problems of industrialized life, while in Edinburgh it was read by phrenologists and dissenters as a work of moral improvement.
During the 1860s they were joined by female phrenologists like Lydia S Fowler, who toured with her husband, giving morning lectures directed at ladies, and by American female spiritualist mediums, such as Emma Hardinge.
We see evidence of Bronte's alternative theory, which echoes the ending of her poem "Reason," in a letter that she writes to her publisher and friend George Smith several days after their joint visit to a phrenologist in 1851.
This experiment is part of the scientific racism that motivates schoolteacher such as when, says Sethe, he would like a phrenologist "wrap .
In 1841 Hubert Lauvergne, a follower of the phrenologist Franz Joseph Gall, argued that contemporary Greeks bore the proud face and skull of ancient Greece, while the "immutability of the Jewish type" proved their degeneracy (p.
Also in double form was Dane O'Neill, who collected a 63-1 brace with Richard Hannon's Red Spell in division two of the EBF Bet Direct on 0800 329393 Maiden Stakes and James Fanshawe's Phrenologist in the Bet Direct Attheraces Maiden Stakes, who had a neck to spare over Salon Prive.
O'Neill completed a 63-1 double on James Fanshawe's Phrenologist in the six-furlong maiden, and Shane Kelly took his score to 25 with a 103-1 double when following up Compton Banker's win by taking the second leg of the seven-furlong handicap for Michael Dodds on Mr Bountiful.
Sadly for her mother, a committed phrenologist - that oddball creed that moral traits can be worked out by the study of bumps in the skull - none of her educational theories really worked as well as she would have wished.
It has become almost customary for journalists to search for hairline cracks in the Cuban revolution with all the confidence of a county-fair phrenologist holding a skull in his hands.
Dickens's representations of "active" or oddly empowered sleepers may have been partly inspired by the work of the Glasgow physician and phrenologist Robert Macnish, whose anecdotal study The Philosophy of Sleep (1827) enjoyed considerable popular success in the period.