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Barrel-shaped enlargement of the spindle associated with formation of the new cell membrane during telophase in plant cells.
[G. phragma, hedge, enclosure, + plassō, to form]
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It delivers the two groups of chromosomes to positions adjacent to the polar furrows midway between pairs of plastids in anaphase and a phragmoplast is constructed in the midzone (Fig.
The first division phragmoplast is very well developed (Fig.
The resultant phragmoplast complex guides deposition of intersporal septae in simultaneous cytokinesis (Fig.
Following meiosis, RMSs emanating from the four nuclei define spore domains in the brief coenocyte and initiate phragmoplasts that mediate cytokinesis (Brown & Lemmon, 1988c; Shimamura et al.
A spectacular system of phragmoplasts is built in inframeiotic interphase (Fig.
Following chromosome separation in first meiosis, a well-developed phragmoplast begins as a bipolar array in the interzone (Fig.
Following chromosome separation a phragmoplast system develops (Fig.
A distinct phragmoplast develops in the interzonal region in telophase I but no cell plate develops and cytokinesis is simultaneous.
A phragmoplast develops in the interzonal region and expands to the equatorial cleavage furrows (Fig.
Phragmoplasts develop between pairs of telophase II nuclei (Fig.
gamma]-Tubulin localization changes from discrete polar organizers to anastral spindles and phragmoplasts in mitosis of Marchantia polymorpha L.