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having a toxic effect triggered by exposure to light.
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Relating to, characterized by, or causing phototoxicity.
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Rendering the skin susceptible to damage by light. Used of certain medications and cosmetics.

pho′to·tox·ic′i·ty (-tŏk-sĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Causes a harmful skin reaction when exposed to sunlight.
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Photosensitive skin reactions can be the consequence of topical or systemic use of the drug, where phototoxic or photoallergic reactions can occur as a side effect (8-11).
Therefore, this mechanism may be the cause of the phototoxic action in blocking plant enzyme activity (Barroso et al., 2010).
Episodes of edema, vesiculation, and exudation are nonspecific skin signs of phototoxic reactions, either toxic, allergic contact, or photoallergic reactions.
There are several synthetic skincare cosmetics existing in the market to treat premature aging and the most common adverse reactions of those include allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, phototoxic and photo-allergic reactions.
The 6-month, randomised, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, known as CUV030, was aiming to evaluate the efficacy and safety of subcutaneous bioresorbable afamelanotide implants (SCENESSE) in reducing the severity of phototoxic skin reactions in patients with the rare light intolerance disorder erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP).
Phototoxic burning may occur, although extreme blistering and oedema is more a feature of G?nther's disease--the rarer autosomal recessive form (3).
Mosquito species, life stage, the plant parts and solvent used for extraction, phototoxic activity and the geographical origin of a plant compound are important factors in the efficacy of a phytochemical (3,4).
The major disadvantages of PUVA treatment are the side effects, which include phototoxic reactions and increased risk of carcinogenesis.
A2E is toxic, appears to reduce mitochondrial integrity, and also exhibits phototoxic behaviour when exposed to blue wavelengths of light.
This patient has phytophotodermatitis, a phototoxic dermatologic reaction that occurs with exposure to ultraviolet light after contact with certain plants.
Conversely, scanning laser microscopy using visible light has the necessary spatial and temporal resolution, but cannot be used for prolonged imaging at high sampling rates due to phototoxic damage to the embryo (E.
Two in vitro tests to assess skin corrosivity of chemicals (aggressiveness of substances to the skin) and one in vitro test assessing their phototoxic potential (reaction of the skin after application of a chemical substance and exposure to light) have been approved by the Committee.