Laser resurfacing; technique using laser therapy to remove fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented areas, and tattoos.


(fo?to?ther-mol'i-sis) [ photo- + thermolysis]
The use of light produced by lasers to produce heat damage. photothermolytic (-mo'lit-ik), adjective

fractional photothermolysis

A method of laser skin resurfacing in which laser energy is directed at pinpoint, broadly separated islands of skin instead of larger swaths to remove cosmetically unappealing blemishes in skin color and texture. The technique is used to minimize the time it takes to restore normal epithelium to the treated surface.
Synonym: fractional ablation

selective photothermolysis

The use of short pulses of light to treat skin conditions. This method causes less damage to normal tissue than do continuous beam lasers.
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The aim of this study was to compare clinical characteristics, severity, and pattern of collateral network involvement associated with development of truncal (systematized) versus diffuse (non-systematized) VVs in a large series of patients undergoing endovascular laser photothermolysis for CVI in a single center.
This process is called photothermolysis and heat energy is used to treat the wide variety of disease conditions.
Another technology being evaluated for fat removal is selective photothermolysis, a concept developed at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1983.
Hypertrichotic Becker's nevi treated with combination l,550nm non-ablative fractional photothermolysis and laser hair removal.
[91,92] Non-selective destructive argon and carbon dioxide laser therapy has been superseded by advanced laser technologies that rely on the concept of selective photothermolysis. [94] These produce preferential and minimal injury to pigment-containing structures by using wavelengths that provide selective absorption and pulse duration less than or equal to the time taken for the heat to dissipate from the target tissue to surrounding structures.
This result is in obtained with that of previous studies on the photothermolysis resurfacing C[O.sub.2] fractional laser in atrophic acne scars.
Selective photothermolysis: Precise microsurgery by selective absorption of pulsed radiation.
Fractional laser photothermolysis for treatment of facial wrinkles in Asians.
Laser medical cosmetology system for the treatment of the face and body, combining the functions of IPL (intensive pulsed phototherapy, photoepilation), non-ablative laser photothermolysis, laser and photocoagulation
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Based on the principle of photothermolysis, it eliminates coagulated cells, introduces new cells and stimulates collagen.