Exposure to intense illumination.
See also: photostress test.
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The study looked at three aspects of visual performance: glare disability, photostress recovery time and contrast enhancement.
It also filters short wavelength light to reduce chromatic aberration and light scatter, thereby enhancing visual performance in terms of contrast discrimination and photostress recovery in both normal and AMD patients.
Keywords: Scots Pine; Mistletoe; Viscotoxin; 1-PS; Ecophysiology; Stress physiology; Drought; Photostress
He reported on the significant relationship between levels of lutein and zeaxanthin and their effects on visual function, such as photostress recovery, glare disability and chromatic contrast sensitivity.
One of the biggest problems for older drivers is the brightness of the blue-white xenon HID headlights of oncoming cars, which increases intraocular light scattering, glare sensitivity and photostress recovery time.
Lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce disability and discomfort from glare, enhance contrast, and reduce photostress recovery times.
For example, they can improve photostress recovery under glare conditions.
Those ingredients, he said, increase visual performance by significantly reducing the discomfort of glare, reducing the recovery time from photostress and increasing color contrast.
During the baseline testing of 111 healthy young subjects in a one-year randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study, researchers measured macular pigment, glare disability, photostress recovery time and contrast enhancement at the Vision Science Laboratory of the University of Georgia.
13) PhotoStress(R): Demonstration of how PhotoStress coatings and instruments optically reveal and measure stress in gears, driven by an electric motor, that drive a bending beam via a connecting rod.
5,6) The macular photostress test is one way that cone adaptation may be assessed quickly and easily in the clinic.