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(fō'tō-sen'sŏr, -sōr),
A device designed to respond to light and to transmit resulting impulses for interpretation, movement, or operating control. See: sensor.
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In the conventional CL control algorithm, the dimming level (8) is determined using a linear function of the difference between the total photosensor signal and the maximum electric lighting nighttime photosensor signal, and some error for the predicted value of workplane illuminance is accommodated.
The system is designed according to an assumed interior reflectance of 30 percent, so that the worksurface illuminance is approximately 550 lx when the photosensor receives 165 lx.
14 shows data from a single ballast connected to a photosensor in a corridor at the campus site.
The ADJD-J823 is a CMOS mixed-signal IC with integrated RGB photosensors designed to be the closed loop optical feedback device of an RGB LED-based backlighting system.
WattStopper's LMLS-600 dual loop photosensor measures both ambient light and daylight to increase energy savings in skylit spaces without distracting lighting.
The readers of EDN magazine -- one of the electronic industry's most influential technical publications -- lauded Fairchild's QSB34 IR photosensor as one of the best components introduced in 2003.
During operation, a photosensor will automatically raise/lower light levels over a continuous 100 to 1-20 percent range to harvest available daylight into energy savings.
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, for the wide band photosensor used on the Navy's Arc Fault Detector (AFD) system.
Included are I/O connectors for thermistor and photosensor for system monitoring or closed loop intensity control.
With the big-picture strategy in hand, Schuler Shook and architect SCB filled in the details by using energy-saving sources with low mercury content, abundant natural light, and photosensor controls and dimming to produce a lighting power density of just 0.
Photosensor Loader (U-E): Photosensor control-style can be installed directly onto a molding machine feed throat.