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(fō'tō-sen'sŏr, -sōr),
A device designed to respond to light and to transmit resulting impulses for interpretation, movement, or operating control. See: sensor.
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Given only a photometric data report, it is impossible to know how reported zonal lumens of fewer than 10 lumens (and the luminous intensity values they were based on) were derived from the measured luminous intensity data (which in turn is inferred from the photosensor illuminance measurements).
Energy savings from photosensors and occupant sensors/wall switches on a college campus.
The Kodak DCS 420 camera consists of a Nikon N90 body, Nikon lenses and a Kodak adapter containing the CCD photosensor and related circuitry.
The robot is activated by an electronic photosensor and thus needs no hardware interface to the molding machine or take-out robot.
This sensor from OSRAM Encelium is the industry's smallest wireless, battery powered sensor to combine passive infrared and photosensor control.
The conventional system consists of a ceiling-mounted photosensor, dimmable electric ballast, and ballast controller.
In the instances where an entire workgroup bay was affected, photosensor set points were increased.
58) Lighting 10 Fixtures at (3) T8 32 W Lamps Plus 3 Fixtures With (1) T8 each; 20 Ballasts; Other: Bathroom (1) 13 W CFL Plus (2) Outdoor Lights at 13 W CFL; Connected Lighting Load = 1,065 W Light Controls Photosensor Controls Continuous Dimming Ballast With Manual Override Outdoor Light Photosensor Controlled Skylights (6) Skylights Interior Floor Nonpermeable Backing Carpet Tile, Low VOC Glue Finish Interior Wall Low Odor Latex Paint Finish Heating System Heat Pump, HSPF 7.
5-megapixel CCD photosensor, the EOS DCS5 includes a "digital back" on Canon's EOS-1N conventional body, and is compatible with all Canon EF lenses and EOS accessories.
The measures used to evaluate sensor quality were photosensor spectral response, photosensor field of view (FOV), and occupancy sensor FOV.
Tables are provided such as the ones in the previous example, which give sufficient information that might translate as: "Office 201: Replace two four-lamp fixtures with two two-lamp T8 fixtures with high-efficiency electronic ballasts, and add a second light switch to allow the fixtures to be controlled independently, with a photosensor for the fixture close to the window, and an occupancy sensor to turn lights off if no occupants are detected.
Seven paper sessions are also slated to bring you the latest research in roadway lighting topics, daylighting, photosensor control systems and psychological research in lighting.