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(fō'tō-sen'sŏr, -sōr),
A device designed to respond to light and to transmit resulting impulses for interpretation, movement, or operating control. See: sensor.
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The problem with this approach is that it assumes that the stray light as seen by the photosensor is constant throughout the vertical scan.
The photosensor signal also provides timing information for the LED column.
Detailed trackimaging from a dense photosensor array near the EL region, such as the one recently commissioned for the NEXT-DBDM prototype, will enable the application of xy position corrections to further improve the energy measurement.
Song et al., "Biocompatible single-crystal selenium nanobelt based nanodevice as a temperature-tunable photosensor," Journal of Nanomaterials, vol.
(11) In a controlled experiment conducted by the Energy Center of Wisconsin, it was found that a combination of high-performance windows with reduced solar heat gain and direct/indirect electric lighting with photosensor dimming ("test rooms") yielded a savings of more than 20% on operating costs of about $1.13/[ft.sup.2] ($12.16/[m.sup.2]) compared to control rooms outfitted with standard clear-glass windows and ceiling-mounted fluorescent fixtures with no dimming.
The control technique adopted in the proposed DAST is a closed-loop (with photosensor) approach.
Banner Engineering has extended its traditional photosensor technology into the smart sensor area.
unveiled the SD9, a single-lens-reflex digital camera that incorporates a new- technology photosensor from Foveon Inc.
A photosensor detects whether the lid is facing up or down just before it passes through a spinning tube.
The beam intensity through a sample and after passing through a pinhole (diameter = 0.5 mm) was measured by a photosensor and read by a digital voltmeter.
Dual-loop photosensor control systems: reliable, cost-effective lighting control for skylight applications.
The Kodak DCS 420 camera consists of a Nikon N90 body, Nikon lenses and a Kodak adapter containing the CCD photosensor and related circuitry.