deoxyribodipyrimidine photolyase

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de·ox·y·ri·bo·di·py·rim·i·dine pho·to·ly·ase

(dē-oks'ē-rī'bō-dī-pī-rim'i-dēn fō'tō-lī'ās),
An enzyme in yeast that is activated by light, whereupon it can reverse a previous photochemical reaction by cleaving the cyclobutane ring of the thymine dimer.
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Japan Science and Technology Agency (Saitama, Japan) has patented genes encoding a photoreactivating enzyme originating in rice plant, in particular, a gene encoding a protein as specified in the following (a) or (b): (a) a protein comprising the amino acid sequence represented by SEQ ID NO:1; and (b) a protein comprising an amino acid sequence derived from the amino acid sequence (a) by deletion, substitution or addition of one to several amino acids and having a photoreactivating enzyme activity.