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Polymerization with the use of an external light source.
Synonym(s): photopolymerisation.
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Frontal photopolymerization is a process in which a polymer film is continuously cured from one side in a thick layer of liquid resin.
In the present study, poly(GMA-co-nBA) microspheres were prepared from GMA and nBA via emulsion photopolymerization. The copolymer was then modified at the epoxy ring to allow covalent binding of laccase with the copolymer.
Determination of Kinetics of Photopolymerization of the Epoxy Resin by RT-FTNIR.
The market has been further categorized on the basis of technologies into droplet deposition production (fused deposition modeling, inkjet printing, and multiphase jet solidification), electron beam melting (photopolymerization and laser beam melting), and stereolithography (digital light processing and two photon polymerization).
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The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the effect of different restoration techniques on the formation of internal microgaps between materials and dentin of the axial wall in class V restorations after photopolymerization. The null hypothesis of the study was that there is no significant difference among restorative techniques in microgap width formation at the interface between the materials tested and the dentin substrate.
The four parts include: basic principles in photopolymerization reactions, radical and nonradical systems, and reactivity of the photoinitiating system.
Other current 3-D fabrication techniques, such as two-photon photopolymerization, can take hours to fabricate a 3-D part, Chen said.
Other current 3D fabrication techniques, such as two-photon photopolymerization, can take hours to fabricate a 3D part.
Hydrolysis and condensation reactions of the inorganic part and photopolymerization of the organic moieties lead to a glass-like material at room temperature.