The characteristic energies of photons emitted by a radionuclide, used to set scanning parameters.
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To measure the sample's activity, the photopeak efficiency (FEPE) of the detector for each photon energy is needed.
Anterior cardiac images were acquired at 15 minutes and 4 hours postinjection on a 256 x 256 matrix and an acquisition time of 600 sec, using a 15% energy window centered at the 159 keV photopeak of [sup.123]I.
Data come from the first escape (FE) peak in the case of the 100 cc detector and from the photopeak in the case of the 300 cc detector.
For the TlBr crystal grown once, it was not possible to observe the photopeak profile because the pulses generated fall in the electrical noise region.
Whole-body views were acquired on the 140 keV photopeak with a 15% symmetrical window using a 256 x 1024 matrix.
Conclusion: The photopeak efficiencies decrease as energy increases and the observed efficiency curves were closely with similar studies.
Daily spectra of radiation were measured throughout the whole experimental procedure, which made it possible to adjust the photopeak windows during the measurements.
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