The characteristic energies of photons emitted by a radionuclide, used to set scanning parameters.
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Data come from the first escape (FE) peak in the case of the 100 cc detector and from the photopeak in the case of the 300 cc detector.
Conclusion: The photopeak efficiencies decrease as energy increases and the observed efficiency curves were closely with similar studies.
The energy-deposition spectra are characterized by a delta function at the incident photon energy (corresponding to a total-energy deposition event, the so-called photopeak) with a probability that would give the photopeak area if the intrinsic resolution function were to be applied.
This device will have minimal energy requirement and possess excellent photopeak resolution.
5a, which was also confirmed by the presence of the Fe2p photopeak at 710.
During a five-minute counting time, the 137Cs content of the body burden was determined from the photopeak at 661.
The energy resolution for the carbon photopeak was measured to be about 3%.
I = photopeak area S = sensitivity factor T = total acquisition time n = number of photopeaks considered
From Monte Carlo modeling of patient energy spectra, we determined that a lower energy window limit of 110 keV would capture a substantial proportion of misregistered photopeak events while including only a small amount of scattered events into the image.
1s] photopeak was curve-fit and the results are illustrated in Fig.