photomultiplier tube

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pho·to·mul·ti·pli·er tube

a detector that amplifies a signal (by as much as 106) of electromagnetic radiation by an acceleration of electrons released from a photocathode through a series of dynodes; as each electron strikes a dynode stage, 3-4 electrons are liberated and accelerated to the subsequent dynode.

photomultiplier tube



In radiography, an electronic vacuum tube designed to convert light photons into electrical pulses. It is used to digitize incoming light photons prior to the creation of computerized images in nuclear medicine and other imaging modalities.


a hollow cylindrical organ or instrument.

chest tube
one or more tubes inserted into the pleural space to provide relief from either pneumothorax or accumulations of fluid within the thoracic cavity and to allow for re-expansion of the lung.
drainage tube
a tube used in surgery to facilitate escape of fluids. See also drain (2).
endobronchial tube
a double-lumen tube inserted into the bronchus of one lung, permitting complete deflation of the other lung; used in anesthesia and thoracic surgery.
eustachian tube
feeding tube
one for administering food into the alimentary tract. See also enterostomy tube, jejunostomy tube, tube gastrostomy, nasoesophageal tube (below).
fermentation tube
a U-shaped tube with one end closed, for determining gas production by bacteria. Called also Durham tube.
Levin tube
a gastroduodenal catheter of sufficiently small caliber to permit transnasal passage.
nasoesophageal tube
a feeding tube introduced through the nares and nasal cavity, then into the esophagus. Used in enteral feeding of dogs and cats.
otopharyngeal tube
auditory tube.
pharyngostomy tube
see pharyngostomy intubation.
photomultiplier tube
a vacuum tube that produces an electric current proportional to the intensity of light falling on its photocathode; it is sensitive enough to detect single photons.
tube rating chart
provided by the manufacturer and containing the specifications for the safe operating limits of the x-ray tube in terms of kilovolt peak, milliamps and time.
stomach tube
a flexible tube used for introducing food, medication, or other material directly into the stomach, or for removal of undesirable contents from the stomach. It can be passed into the stomach via the nose or mouth. Passage via the mouth requires the protection of a mouth speculum.
suction drainage tube
see suction drainage.
test tube
a tube of thin glass, closed at one end; used in chemical tests and other laboratory procedures.
thoracostomy tube
one inserted through an opening in the chest wall for application of suction to the pleural cavity to facilitate re-expansion of the lung in spontaneous pneumothorax. See also chest tube (above).
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The luminescence was more subtle, detectable only with a photomultiplier tube.
A photomultiplier tube detects the photons that are scattered back to Earth from molecules in the atmosphere.
Typical measurements include insulation resistance, leakage currents, photodiode and photomultiplier tube currents, SEM beam currents, sensor characterization, and I-V characterization of semiconductors and other components.
The AB2's T-Optics sample compartment allows the use of an additional photomultiplier tube (PMT) for enhanced product performance and flexibility.
Solicitation: Micro-Channel Plate Photomultiplier Tube (Mcp-Pmt) Detectors
The LAAPD is a rugged, compact, all solid state alternative to the photomultiplier tube (PMT), and the new detectors incorporate a thermoelectrically cooled LAAPD with a charge sensitive preamplifier board and a mounting plate, providing excellent sensitivity and noise characteristics, making them ideal for high-precision applications.
A photomultiplier tube converts the fluorescent light to a voltage.
Tenders are invited for supply and warranty of head on photomultiplier tube
A microscope focused on the sample stream, at right angles to the laser beam, collects the fluorescent light and directs it to a photomultiplier tube for quantification.
The new 157 series offers a hermetically sealed, windowless, all solid state device that is rugged and compact and provides quantum efficiencies superior over a longer spectral range to the traditional photomultiplier tube (PMT) and can deliver up to four times as much gain as a traditional avalanche photodiode.
The LAAPD is a rugged, compact, all-solid-state alternative to the photomultiplier tube (PMT), and the new modules are intended to bring the benefits of this advanced detector technology to high-volume OEM users.
These devices include photodiodes, silicon photomultipliers, photomultiplier tubes, scientific light sources, infrared detectors, photoconductive detectors, and image sensors.